The Summer Nail Trends You Need To Know About

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Nail trends are just as important as makeup and hair trends these days, so to stay ahead of the curve we turned to Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB, and asked her to dish on all the need-to-know-about nail trends she’s seeing across her countless locations for summer 2023.

Bright White

“I love a bright white for summer! The color sets off a glowy tan, and goes with a brightly colored summer wardrobe. Try the GLOSSLAB polish in OG White to get the look.”


Keep it Simple

“Shorter nails with a neutral nude color are classic for summer, and keeping nails shorter actually keeps your nails more hygienic. Go for a nude-y or sheer pink and keep the nail length just to the  end of your fingertips.”

Accent Nails

“Accent nails are going to be huge this summer – go for a French on the middle or ring finger (or both) or another funky pattern and you’ll be sure to stand out.”



“Light purple, lilac nails are a vibe anytime of year, but especially in the summer. Like white, it sets off a glowy tan, but is a fun twist on a classic.”


Bright Blue

“For something more daring, go for a bright neon blue shade. Summer is for trying all of the crazy shades and experimenting – so go from something you would never normally gravitate towards.”

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