Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira Has Plus-Size Denim: Review

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The first item I gravitated to in the collection were the ’90s 501s jeans with a distinct grunge-goth vibe, in both the cut and the abstract bunny sketch (a Ferreira favorite) rendered in a bleach spatter effect. In terms of fit, this pair feels noticeably tighter than my other 501s. This might be because this zero-stretch style needs a breaking-in period (something I’ve found with other non-stretch Levi’s as well), but even after a few wears to try to loosen them up, I would not describe this pair as a “loose fit.” I’ve since been able to wear them out and will continue to do so in shorter spurts until they mold to my body because this style is just too good to pass up. But if, like me, you have a belly at all, I’d recommend sizing up if you don’t want to deal with the breaking-in process.

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